FRC 2014

This was my first year on a robotics team. I was on Team 2194, Fondy Fire. I learned a lot this year and focused mainly on programming and electrical work. Check out our website!
This is the Central Illinois Regional Competition.
This is the Midwest Regional Competition.

Wireless Robot with Robotic Arm

This is a robot that I built over last year’s christmas break. The frame of the robot is primarily made from VEX parts. It also has 4 VEX continuous motors for a 4-wheel drive. The robot is wireless and has a stand for someone to put their iPhone in. Someone can Skype their phone while driving the robot to see where it is going.

Lake House Surveillance System

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This was a project using the Raspberry Pi and an Arduino to do video and sensor surveillance at my lake house. The Raspberry Pi, a small computer, takes two camera inputs and puts them out on the internet with an IP address. The Arduino, connected to a router, acts as the web server that puts the data into a nice view. It shows readings from the sensors attached to the Arduino and the live camera feeds.

Bright LED Work Light

This is a group of white LEDs that I wired to work with a DC 5v power supply. It is designed to mount on any surface with the breadboard sticky side and provide light where needed. This project took little time and was a simple way to make a work light.

Soccer Cart

I created this soccer cart for my Varsity soccer team after my Freshman year. The team needed a better way to carry all of its equipment. As a player who had to carry a lot of equipment, I thought of a better way. I created this cart to hold balls, water jugs, and other necessary supplies. I later decorated it to look nice and even added a cargo net to allow the balls to roll out nice. This cart is currently serving a great use to our soccer team!

Cordless Drill Powered Weed Eater

One of my invention ideas was a cordless drill powered weed eater. Almost everyone has a cordless drill, so I figured, why would someone want to buy a weed eater with a motor? That costs a lot more. For this reason, I created at attachment for a cordless, electric drill that one could use to weed eat.