Can Throwing Garbage Robot CAD Model

This is a model of a robot I drew up in CAD. The robot looks like a garbage but inside it has a hopper to hold cans and shoot them. At the bottom it has a drive base to move around freely. This was just an idea, so I sketched it. I may create it in the future with many improvements.

DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals

This was the DRC (DARPA Robotics Challenge) Finals that took place in Los Angeles. My uncle works for DARPA, so he introduced to many people and robots. It was amazing to see how to robots worked and to talk to the team members. I was excited to meet people from Carnegie Mellon and their robot, CHIMP. The MIT Atlas Robot was amazing as well! I also had the privilege of meeting Dean Kamen, founder of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), and he gave me his signature!

Infrared Remote Controlled Robot

When I was in middle school, I received a kit to creating a walking robot like the one featured in the pictures. The robot turned on from a simple switch. I decided to make it more interesting by interfacing it with an Arduino and using an Infrared (IR) Remote Control, much like the one a typical TV uses. I could move the robot in different directions, make sounds, and change the light colors when I finished the project.

Physics Catapult

This project was for my physics class. We had to construct a catapult to launch a marble. I decided the best way to do this was to create a catapult that could be adjustable in all ways. This is why the aluminum has holes throughout it. After adjusting it correctly, we were able to achieve a great distance!

Jet Ski Pole Holder and Livewell

I created this project a while ago to create a way to fish off of a jet ski. My idea was to create something that could sit on the back of the jet ski so one could troll for fish. The cooler has PVC piping on the side to hold the poles, and the cooler itself is used as a live well. The project was successful, although I didn’t spend enough time fishing with it to catch anything!

Heat Shield

This was a project my cousin and I made out of sheet metal working where my cousin works at HUI, a local manufacturing company. We created a plate to sit under the TV to keep it from getting too hot from the fireplace below.