SYNERGY – NH Science Podcast (Weeks 3 & 4)

UPDATE: Future videos will continue to be placed on our YouTube account in our playlist, “SYNERGY – The NH Science Podcast Episodes.”

The New Holstein Science Podcast is here to share interesting news in science! Tune in to learn about current scientific events that have profound effects on society!

Week 4 Topics Include:
-Atlas Robot by Boston Dynamics
-Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
-Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
-DNA “Trojan Horse”
-DNA Origami

Week 3 Topics Include:
-Black Holes
-Déjà vu
-3D Printed Body Parts
-Bionic Spinal Cord
-Artificial Intelligence

Cast: Matt Rupp, Max Knauf, Isaac Weber, Ethan Weber (myself), and Guest Doug Kestell.

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SYNERGY – New Holstein Science Podcast

Recently, I have started a science podcast at my school with my AP Biology teacher Mr. Rupp, my friend Max Knauf, and my brother, Isaac Weber. We are a student run science podcast at New Holstein High School in Wisconsin. Most Thursdays at 4:00 PM CST we will broadcast live on YouTube discussing scientific events around the world. Our YouTube channel can be found at

This is our first science podcast, “SYNERGY – NH Science Podcast (Week 1).” Please ignore the first minute; we didn’t know we were live.