Automatic Dog Feeder

I created this project in middle school because I thought I could make the task of feeding my dog easier! I created this project with the hopper on top and an auger bit with a drill attached to feed the food out the front. The motor could be turned on automatically when it was time for the dog to eat. No more forgetting to feed the dog!


This is the hovercraft that I built in 8th grade. The base of the hovercraft is a piece of plywood 3/4″ thick, 8′ long, and 4′ wide. Beneath the plywood is the skirt. the skirt is made of rip stop nylon fabric. This directs the air from the air pressure towards the ground causing the hovercraft to lift. The air pressure is generated using the 12hp engine featured in the front of the hovercraft. There is a belt and pulley connecting the engine’s shaft to the squirrel cage fan’s shaft. The fan pushes air through the hole cut in the plywood underneath it. Behind the fan is a bench that I made using 2x4s and more plywood for the top. On the left hand side of the bench is a throttle for the front engine. Behind the bench is the fan that propels the hovercraft forward. An 11hp engine is directly connected to a fan enclosed in a box made with 2x4sĀ and wire mesh as a guard. At the rear of the hovercraft is the fin that directs to air pressure from the rear fan to either side causing the hovercraft to turn in the desired direction.